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Libertas Secunda Lodge No.6433 was founded in 1947 and meets at the Gravesend Masonic Hall. We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals who enjoy discovering all that Freemasonry has to offer our members and our local and national communities. We are a friendly and social Lodge who strive to be progressive in Freemasonry in general but pride ourselves in the uniqueness of our ancient traditions and customs

Libertas Secunda Lodge No. 6433 meet at the Gravesend Masonic Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend, Kent

Our Lodge was originally founded by local river pilots and continues to have a connection with the River Thames and associated industries.

Charity is one of our Lodge core values and we support local and regional charities with donations from our Lodge members, their families and friends. Freemasonry contributed more than £42million in 2020 and the Fraternity is one of the UK’s largest charitable givers

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Meetings and social events are a great way to make new friendships with people from a variety of backgrounds who share common interests and values. Freemasonry builds character and supports members as individuals to enable personal development and confidence. Charity is a core value and when participated in as a fun and social event encourages valuable contributions which are distributed to deserving causes both locally and nationally

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Welcome from the Head of East Kent Province

“Freemasonry, as well as being steeped in history, also provides interest, enjoyment and a sense of involvement in the modern-day having values including integrity, charity, friendship and respect to all. Our members are justly proud of what Freemasonry achieves within our local communities and anyone thinking of joining us and becoming a Freemason has already taken the first step by reading this web page. The next is to take that interest further, “just ask one” and discover more about how it can provide an unparalleled opportunity to meet with and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. There is so much that Freemasonry offers from exploring its history to pursuing a sporting interest, from making new friends to supporting local good causes and charities. Complete the online form and a member of our Team will provide answers to all the questions you may have.”

All you need to do is Just Ask! Navigate through our website to find more details about our Lodge and what we do. Follow the links to visit the United Grand Lodge of England and East Kent Province websites to find more details about Freemasonry in general. Our Lodge is here to help so please do Just Ask!


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Gravesend Masonic Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0PA